The gift of an education that’s immediately applicable, partnered with a skill set that’s shareable is a priceless opportunity that stays with a the student forever. By introducing basic hairdressing skills in a positive and hands-on environment, the salon vocational training program sets students up for sustainable success in the future. As students master basic skills, there will also be opportunity to learn more advanced hairdressing techniques. We will build a community that empowers them to grow in their lives professionally, personally, and spiritually.


  • To support participants inside a safe classroom environment towards a successful recovery and reintegration in society.

  • To teach critical thinking skills and problem solving techniques.

  • To provide the participants with tools to be equally successful in school, work, and life environments.

  • To encourage professional, personal, and spiritual development.

  • To educate creatively and innovatively so that each participant is able to process, understand and retain all information.

  • To empower participants to set realistic and attainable goals so that they are able to eventually support themselves and their families.


Hairdressing is a creative form of expression. Presenting students with an outlet to experiment and perform hairstyling is a powerful way to grow creatively and build self-confidence. Grace Salon operates by the following core values. These values reflect moral ethics, the power of practicing delayed gratification, and biblical principles that lead to a healthy life and successful reintegration into society. Listed below are several examples of our core values that can be learned in the classroom setting, both topically and spontaneously, as moments of learning organically present themselves.

  • Responsibility
  • Honesty

  • Courtesy

  • Self-control

  • Punctuality

  • Respect for Self and Others

  • Integrity

  • Customer Service

  • Work Ethic

  • Following Directions

  • Professionalism in a Salon

  • Salon Expectations

  • Professional Dress

  • Business Skills

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